Dance Department


Apr 20, 21|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3

CoDa (Contemporary Dance Ensemble) strives to educate and inspire through the creation and performance of repertoire and new work by faculty, guest artists, and students. We offer exceptional opportunities for students and the larger community via concert dance events, site-specific projects, and community outreach. We value collaboration with other disciplines, such as theatre, music, sound design, costume, the sciences, and the visual arts. We also endeavor to collectively learn and share the history of our field through in-depth reconstructions of important works of the past. Our goal is to provide a platform for dance to be more recognizable, accessible, and valued on the campus and beyond. Part of our work this year will be restaging and performing Martha Graham’s 1934 Celebration with a score by Louis Horst, Graham’s longtime collaborator. An abstract work of stark physicality, Celebration showcases Graham’s early technique and embodies the austere purity of her creative voice just before she began to work with narrative. New creations by faculty directors and students will also be included in our work this year. CoDa is a project-based ensemble working intensively on multiple projects each year. We train in the foundational techniques of ballet and modern dance, while seeking to deliver the diverse individual talents of the company. We use a mix of influences and styles in our choreography and also choose a wide range of music and sound, creating unpredictable juxtapositions. Each year we remake our identity as new influences and talents enter our ranks, seeking to create distinctive works and powerful experiences for our community.