Theatre Department

Theatre Department presents
Acting Presentation: Selection from Indie Theater Now
Directed by Omar Sangare

Acting students will present a public performance inspired by a digital library of contemporary plays, Indie Theater Now. Students will develop their acting abilities and share their talents, sensitivity, awareness, and imagination.

Throughout the semester, each student in the course will examine a broad range of scripts available at Indie Theater Now, and study one character from their favorite piece in great detail. Students will strive to understand the crucial decisions and values that guide each character through their predicament. Using the methods of Constantin Stanislavsky, students will then deliver selected speeches that display a spectrum of human emotions, from grief and terror to elation and humor.

A message from Martin Denton, Editor of Indie Theater Now:

Indie Theater Now (ITN) is an online service that presents and preserves new American plays in script form. Our vision is to be both comprehensive and inclusive. ITN is kind of like a traditional review/preview site, but on steroids: Instead of simply just writing ABOUT a play that excites us, we share the full text of that play, along with dynamic, continually updated content that provides background and context—e.g., podcasts, interviews, reviews, videos, photos, etc.—created by the playwrights themselves as well as other artists and ITN staff. In this way readers can discover the work more fully, wherever they are, at their convenience. It’s also kind of like traditional play publishing, but on a massively larger scale (i.e., hundreds of new plays published per year rather than a few dozen) and at comparative warp-speed: the “Now” in Indie Theater Now reflects our ability to publish work days, not months or years, after its initial presentation on stage.

ITN is genuinely an engine of discovery; one that enables teachers, students, actors, directors, producers, and artists of every stripe—as well as those not involved in the theater—to experience the fruits of indie drama as close to first-hand as possible.