Dance Department

Dancing Matters 1: A Case for Dance in Higher Education

A public talk with Kimerer L. LaMothe, PhD.

Recent research across disciplines is making it more possible than ever before to appreciate what some people have known since the beginning of human time: dancing matters. How humans dance matters to how we evolved into the creatures we have become, and how we develop into the individuals we have the potential to be. It matters to how we think, feel, and act; to what we desire and what we know. It matters for our ability to cultivate mutually enabling relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with the ongoing generativity of the natural world.


Speaking about her latest book, Why We Dance (Columbia 2015), dancer, philosopher, and scholar of religion Kimerer LaMothe, makes the case that dancing is a vital art—one whose myriad historical forms yield distinctive insights for the study of human life.

Griffin Hall room 4