Dance Department

Kusika and the Zambezi Marimba Band – “N’ihu N’ạzu N’ạzu N’ihu”

May 4, 5|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3

“N’ihu N’ạzu N’ạzu N’ihu” Igbo for “forward backwards, backward forward.”

Translation: forward backwards, backward forward

This year Kusika invites alumnae to join us as we revisit dance and music from three decades of study and performance. We will reconstruct master musician/composer Kweyao Agyapon’s dynamic Appel as a full company work for the djembe orchestra, continue to explore the Ring Shout as a foundation for new material, and introduce the rich Samba tradition from Brazil to our repertoire. The African continent’s global impact informs our past, present, and future studio practice, creating a foundation that connects Kusika as an international community across generations of dancers, musicians, and artists.