Theatre Department

WilliamsTheatre Studio Series Presents:
Meghan Rose Donnelly ’11

Tales They Told Me: Williamstown

directed by Meghan Rose Donnelly with Michelle Rodriguez.

Where does one person end and another begin? An exercise in everyday empathy, Tales they Told Me: Williamstown takes us into the lives of people who live, study, and work in WIlliamstown. In their own words, these people told us their stories. In their own words, we pass them on. As in most plays, actors take the stage, but, here, the line between actor and character has been blurred; for these people affected our lives even before we heard their stories. There are many more people out there, and there are so many more stories to hear. As the second half of a joint production, Tales They Told Me: Williamstown just begins to wonder about the effect one person can have on another.