Roger Guenveur Smith: “Rodney King”

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History, poetry, and tragedy collide when Roger Guenveur Smith tackles the harrowing odyssey of Rodney King, from the harsh initial glare of the national spotlight as the victim of police brutality to his involuntary martyrdom that ignited the L.A. riots to his lonely death at the bottom of a swimming pool. Rodney King is a rhythm-driven mix of improvised movement and theatre, spoken word poetry and, as Roger himself describes it, a “post-mortem interview with the man himself.” Nestled between excerpts from Willie D’s “F**k Rodney King” and King’s memorable May 1, 1992 “Can we all get along?” speech, the piece is an exploration of the legacy of an icon of American history.

Roger Guenveur Smith is an award-winning actor and theatre artist known for his roles in Spike Lee classics like Do The Right Thing and his work in television series such as HBO’s Oz.