Ronald K. Brown and Evidence, A Dance Company: “The Subtle One and other works”

Integrated Programming

Ronald K. Brown: "Journey of the Great Mystery"

Dancer and Choreographer Ronald K. Brown examines the role of the body in worship, spiritual practice, and belief systems. For this roving performance he brings Williams students and alumni together with community members from Pittsfield and Williamstown in a parade of spiritual dances. Along the journey selected performers will share their testimonies through movement to fully underscore how the Great Mystery works across denominations. Viewers become participants in spiritual dances from South Carolina, West Africa,and Cuba as the group moves toward a shared destination.

Social Identity and Artistic & Cultural Practice
A conversation with Ronald K. Brown and Gabrielle DiBenedetto '16 Schapiro: Room 129

This event is part of the Davis Center's Arts & Cultural Programming Workshop

Master Class with Ronald K. Brown
Mt. Greylock Movement Class with Ronald K. Brown
Q&A with Lipp Family Director of Dance and Senior Lecturer in Dance Sandra L. Burton

The iconic Ronald K. Brown, the first Mellon Fellow in Choreography at Williams, brings a program that will include The Subtle One, Brown’s extraordinary new collaboration with the renowned jazz pianist Jason Moran. The Subtle One dances through the mystic and inspirational relationship between spiritual beings and the society they inhabit. In Arabic, “Al-Lateef” or “The Subtle One” means “the one who whispers things into existence.” The dancers and the music affect each other with this softness. Performers move as “subtle ones,” affecting one another and the audience as they perceive the world.

Evidence was founded by choreographer Ronald K. Brown in 1985. The company’s spiritually infused work provides a unique view of human experience through danced journeys of identity and community.