2017-18 Season

A spirit of restless creativity and reinvention energizes the 2017-18 season at the ’62 Center—a fine year in the making of performances from the departments of Theatre and Dance and the CenterSeries that will reward repeat visits. Diversity and ingenuity abound, and surprises lie in wait; the arts are alive and thriving at Williams.


“Antigone in Ferguson”

Sep 30|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3 (students) / $10

Tero Saarinen Company: “Morphed”

Oct 13|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3 (students) / $10

Forklift Danceworks with Williams College Dining Services staff: “Served”

Feb 2|Paresky|8:00 PM
Feb 3|Paresky|3:00 PM
Feb 3|Paresky|8:00 PM
Free (reservations required)

“Underground Railroad Game”

Mar 1|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3 (students) / $10

Screening: “The Story of Served”

May 6|Paresky|3:00 PM
May 7|MainStage|8:00 PM

Theatre Department

“A People’s History of Performance Art”

Oct 19, 20, 21|WCMA|7:30 PM|$3

“The Wolves”

Nov 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18|CenterStage|7:30 PM|$3


Mar 8|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:30 PM
Mar 9|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:30 PM
Mar 10|Adams Memorial Theatre|2:00 PM
Mar 10|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:30 PM
Mar 11|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:30 PM

Purple Valley Plays: A Festival of New Work for the Stage (Two Programs)

Apr 26|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:00 PM
Apr 27|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:00 PM
Apr 28|Adams Memorial Theatre|7:00 PM
Apr 26|CenterStage|8:30 PM
Apr 27|CenterStage|8:30 PM
Apr 28|CenterStage|8:30 PM

Dance Department


Nov 17, 18|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3

Zambezi Dance Party

Feb 16|CenterStage|8:00 PM
Feb 17|CenterStage|2:00 PM

Dance/Performance in Interdisciplinary Perspective Symposium

Mar 9|WCMA|7:30 pm
Mar 9|WCMA|8:45 PM
Mar 10|'62 Center|9:30 am
Mar 10|'62 Center|11:00 aM
Mar 10|WCMA|1:30 PM
Mar 10|WCMA|3:00 PM
Mar 10|'62 Center|5:00 PM

Sankofa – “Kofa High”

Apr 6, 7|MainStage|8:00 PM

CoDa – “Celebration!”

Apr 20, 21|MainStage|8:00 PM|$3

Nikki Pérez ’18: “Wanted”

May 12|CenterStage|8:00 PM|Free